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Some thoughts on planning on the wet west coast

I begin with this blog to reach out and engage with my colleagues and clients.  There are many platforms today and I begin with my personal company Internet presence. Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Internet discussion forums are all places I could travel and will.

But I begin here.

My practice focuses primarily on the geography of islands, rural places, and small towns of British Columbia.  Special needs populations such as the elderly and the homeless have recently taken center stage. Our west coast islands population is aging faster than the rest of BC and vulnerable populations find the climate here amenable and their new neighbours friendly and not so judgmental.

This is also a place where being physically active, healthy and living sustain-ably are part of the culture.

I do my best to practice what I preach: I engage personally with the elderly and the homeless; I ride my bicycle to many of my client engagements,  and with  my spouse, grow almost all my food.

It is a rich life here on this wet west coast.